Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And this isn't my real nose, its a false one.

Considering the plethora of various interests I have, I don't have a lot of hobbies. One of the hobbies I don't have is photography. While I've always found it interesting, I've also found it to be something else: involved. There is so much detail and equipment and technical crap to memorize that the "involved" part usually wins out over the "interesting" part for my attention span. Thus I've yet to take it up to any measurable degree. I personally prefer to stick to the "see, click" method. I also think that most of the photography I see - while it looks nice - is simply a picture. I get teh whole mood, emotion, sensory bullshit that artists like to convey with their photograhy....and I can certainly respect it. But I call a tree a tree and a dude sitting on a bench a "dude sitting on a bench"., regardless of whatever flowery concept speech the more artsy people of the world would like to use.

However, considering the paragraph above is only half serious and the other half dripping with meaningless cynicism, I actually do like snapping pictures. There is something about a bright, fresh, bluebird spring day that makes people that don't normaly take photographs - want to take photographs. Really though, considering I'm the one that took them...I'll call these pictures. I don't own a camera but for the one that came with my iphone, and I'm anything but a photographer, thus the shit I snap is not photography....they're just pictures.

This, (amazing I know), is a dandelion. You'll notice a few of the following pictures were also taken at ground level. My artsy side would like to offer the interpretation that this is meant to convey the backyard at an "ant's point of view". My cynical realist side would also like to inform you, however, that I was too lazy to get up.

My reading tree, often sat under by yours truly.

This one I will honestly admit that I love. I wanted to take a picture of just how clear blue the sky was today, but at the last second I decided just a blank blue shot was kinda hard to place for a viewer, so I added in just a peak of the out-lier upper branches of my cherry tree. The effect is pretty abstract I think. You may call it crap. I don't really give a shit though so it all evens out.

Again with the ant view. I like it. This is what it would look like to the insect on his way to my barn.

This very blurry. Oh well. Happens when you don't have focus. I need a camera that will focus.

And this, because deep deep down is a artsy fartsy chick dying to escape, I entitled "framing the sky." It was after I shot this that I realized what element was missing alllll afternoon - there were no planes flying! I doubt it would have anything to do with the volcanoes in Iceland. But to be honest, I didn't see a single airliner, even though I was outside for hours and the sky above my house is on a direct flight path with incoming Boston traffic.

So thats a wrap. I'm not a photographer, but I am a pretty average picture taker. It certainly was a nice way to burn off a few hours on this perfectly heaven sent afternoon.


  1. Are you really moving to Alaska? I did, last June and I am also from NE, Boston area to be exact. (I read Jill's "Up in Alaska", so I saw your comment.)

  2. I really am. I read her blog too, I love it! How did you like it while you were there? What did you do there?

  3. I am STILL here! I moved to Juneau last June. I am a hair stylist, and fortunately, had a job waiting for me. My brother has lived here for over 30 years, so I had some family here too, which makes things MUCH easier. (He actually flew home to MA last June and we drove back together- it was awesome!!) I am not brave or adventurous enough to just up and move all alone. My sons are going to be driving cross-country this coming June--one will stay, one will fly home. When do you plan on leaving and do you know anyone here, and do you know to what area/town you will head to??

  4. All I know is that I'm starting in Juneau. I'm going to be working for SAGA via Americorp. I know that we're supposed to be shuffling around the southeast doing service work. Outside of that....not too sure.

    I know no one! I've been in contact with other service people that are currently scattered across the US. I'll be meeting them next week when I arrive. If I didn't have something lined up for work I'd be much more hesitant rather than full force like I am right now. Though, if anything fell through...I might have already reached the point where I'd drive it solo if I had no other choice. I need to get outta MA. 25 years is enough for this chicky. My service term is 6 months and after that I've got no solid plans.

  5. Well I hope to meet you when you have time! I work at the Nugget Mall, a hair salon called Shear Design. My name is Joan Hall, u can email me at or You must be so excited!!!!!
    I know of SAGA, but not too sure exactly what they do? I felt like I had to get outta MA too! Taxachusetts!
    Have a safe and wonderful trip.....