Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In seven days I will be boarding a plane for AK. Right now it is 11:33am on the Eastern Seaboard and if we need to be technical, I will be in the sky somewhere over the central US at this exact hour in seven days. I have a few things I still need to pick up. A couple shirts, some under-roos, biofiendly scentless shampoo, conditioner and detergent...and a couple other such odd's and ends. The vast majority of my things are bought. I need a winter coat, but I'm gonna wait till I get there to find out if I actually NEED it upon departing to the bush considering the first few months are warm even by AK standards. To say that I'm excited is hardly enough description. I'm joyous, absolutely joyous. It's a level of happy that borders on found-a-new-reason-to-live happy.

My lower back has done well. Just yesterday I went to get it readjusted again by the chiro. It was sore all day which had me nervous. Its a little bit sore today too. I havent done my stretches yet which should help it. Its the one thing that keeps that cold ball of fear in my stomach. I just keep trying to push it out of my mind, affirming positive thoughts that I will go, I will last, I will make it. I've been praying almost daily for this. My heart beats a little faster every time I think about the whole thing.

Thank you God, thank you for making my dream come true!

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