Saturday, April 17, 2010

And the rain came down

So, given that its been about two weeks since the deluge, this is old news.

HOWEVER, it was a record rainfall, and I took pictures, so I feel like posting it. Rhode Island got the worst of it, with EPIC flooding to the point of the National Guard and FEMA being called in. However, we all know Rhode Island sucks. Either way, anyone tromping through the Southern New England area should note the alarmingly high water levels at all our local streams/rivers/ponds and lakes. There are also a large quantity of streams and ponds that currently would pass for rivers and lakes...but I digress:

Look! More water!!
That last shot is of a parking lot and a street. Yup, no pond.

The sheer quantity of rain was unbelievable. Of course, you have to believe it since I have proof. Humblingly, I am destined for a place that receives about as much rainfall as that on a constant basis. Southeast Alaska is a rain forest. It is sunny once a month I hear. (And I'm not exaclty exaggerating either).

I need to buy good rain gear for this quest. Thats for sure.

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