Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lazy with a side of Possibility

I haven't done anything in DAYS. Its so amazing. I wake up, eat breakfast, maybe shower, cruise the internets, write, nap, write, eat lunch, watch tv, nap, and finish writing.

I wish I was retired.

The weather sucks. Honestly its been beautiful every day I've had to work and slightly crappy for each day off - save one - for the past three weeks. At least this weekend will be nice. I'm going hiking in Vermont. It's a four hour drive from my house to the mountain so thankfully the guy friend I'm meeting up at the half way point is driving the rest of the way. I'll probably be wrecked on the way home, we'll see how much fun that ride is. I forget the name of the mountain, but I'm sure I'll have pictures.

Working on writing stories that you hope will one day net you an income is a lot of work. But I love it. I could spend every day as a writer. I consider it my ultimate dream job...although maybe being a Travel writer would really hit the dream job top spot. All in good time I guess.

For now I have this blog which generates .4 readers a week who actually listen to my blathering. But thats cool, I'm not exactly famous or anything.

On with the Alaska adventure! I have almost everything I need, just clothing and essential toiletries left. It has been quite the test to be watching my savings account sink deeper and deeper from its once somewhat glorious number. (Glorious for me anyway). As I've said before, I don't know what I'd be doing if I didn't have this to look forward to. As I've grown up, many of my friends have taken different roads, and a lot of them seem to have already taken that "next step" in life, while I feel as though I'm stuck in a place thats about 5 years too young for me. I work (worked) part time for a bank, just because I got laid off from a job that I actually did like and needed to "do something". Meanwhile some of my friends have bought homes. Some are engaged, some are knee deep in budding careers that anyone can see are lining up to be very successful endeavors. As for me? I'm 25, I live at home, I don't really find myself wanting to date anyone - at least not seriously. I have a bad case of "don't know what I want to do with my life", and theres no clear sign of that ending anytime soon...EXCEPT for the Alaska project. For me, this adventure is that engagement proposal, its that home closing, its that budding career, its that new baby.

Its Everything. Period.

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